1. When you open a membership on Ship-365 LLC, also known as Ship-365, you confirm that you accept the terms stated below.

2. Provides Ship-365 members with an address in the UK to which they can forward their packages. This address is in London.

3. When you use our service, you can forward your packages to the special address we have given you. Our team receives your packages on your behalf, enters your mailbox, fulfills your requests on your packages, and sends your packages via express cargo after you place an order.

4. Our members are obliged to pay any tax, customs duty, service fee, transportation fee, etc. that may arise during the receiving and sending of their packages. These charges are collected by ship-365.com from the user's registered credit card.

5. Our members authorize Ship-365 LLC to collect the cost of the services they use through our website from their credit cards.

6. Package shipping fee is calculated according to the volume and weight of the package. Our members confirm the total price they have to pay for the package on the payment page before placing an order.

7. You can store your packages free of charge in our office for 30 days, and keep them waiting to be combined with your other packages to come. Waiting over 30 days will be charged $2 per pound. 1 pound equals 453 grams. Packages sent to our office can be forwarded to another institution for shipping, in which case $1 per pound and a minimum fee of $5 are charged for forwarded packages. The storage period cannot exceed 90 days. In waiting times exceeding 90 days, the customer is contacted and the packages are discussed. The storage fee of our members who do not want to be sent is collected from their credit card and their packages are destroyed.

8. Shipping charges are calculated considering the weight of the packages. For packages that take up space in terms of volume, the volumetric weight is calculated and a charge is made based on this weight. The volumetric weight is obtained by multiplying the three sides of the package, width, height and height, and dividing by 166. If the volumetric weight is more than the balance weight, the pricing is based on the volumetric weight.

9. Ship-365 (Ship-365 LLC) opens every package it receives for inspection. This is a general security measure.

10. Elite membership fee is not refunded in case of canceling the membership of users who become members with the elite membership option. Ship-365 has the right to destroy the packages of the users who cancel their membership, who do not send their packages and who cancel their membership.

11. If the user does not pay for the services purchased for more than 30 days, Ship-365 reserves the right to cancel the membership. In this case, Ship-365 has the right to destroy the packages. In this case, the user cannot claim or claim for the return or destruction of the packages in the mailbox

12. Your membership starts as soon as you register on the site. By clicking the “I accept the membership agreement” button during membership, you accept the articles in this agreement.

13. Ship-365 members must be subject to the customs and air transport rules of their country of residence and the UK. Ship-365 members cannot in any way use our service to bring illegal or prohibited products. All kinds of problems that may arise with the packages sent and any penalties that may arise due to these problems are the responsibility of the relevant member.

14. Ship-365 is not responsible for service interruptions (electricity, internet, satellite connection interruptions, etc.) beyond its control. Therefore, it cannot be held responsible for the service failure that may occur.

15. Through Ship-365, cosmetics, jewellery, gold, money, cheques, chemical materials, explosive materials, weapons, metal or plastic weapon parts, alcoholic products, tobacco and tobacco products, food products, mobile phones, supplements and sports foods cannot be sent. In addition, print cartridges and toners weighing more than 500 grams cannot be shipped.

16. Ship-365 reserves the right to change, remove or cancel the terms of use. Periodically review the terms of use. Continuing to use our service also means that you accept the updated terms of use.

17. Legal liabilities that may arise as a result of any use that may be considered a crime according to UK law belongs entirely to the Ship-365 member.

18. Membership cancellation takes place with the written request of one of the parties. As long as there is no demand, the membership remains active and is renewed regularly.

19. The resulting customs fees are withdrawn from the credit card in the account by informing the buyer via e-mail or telephone.

Live Support
Destination Country
Shipping Amount
Destination Country
Hacimsel Ağırlık
Shipping Amount
Delivery to your door by DHL. DHL is a worldwide carrier with presence in 69 countries, offering the best rates to most of the destinations in the world.
Estimated delivery time
5-12 days Delivery time may increase due to destination country's customs processing or remote area delivery terms.
Maximum Weight
30 kg (66 lb) for single item
Total Weight
No upper limit for multiple packages
Dimensional weight
Applies L x W x H / 139 (if inches) - L x W x H / 5000 (if cm)
Automatic insurance up to $60
Additional insurance not available